UAV Imaging Subteam Update

September 29, 2015

The Fall 2015 UAV's Imaging Subteam is making strides toward adjusting the software to stitch and analyze the pictures taken by the UAV, and making the software cross platform across windows and mac computers.

The current software is capable of stitching and image, then highlights areas that may have Pierce's Disease due to discoloration in hues of yellow or brown with RGB pictures. The software isn't perfect and the team is working on making sure the images are stitched properly and the analyzation is a lot more accurate. Another factor is adjusting the software to accomodate the infrared filter camera. However the process isn't a dramatic change to the software. The process is the same, only slight changes needed to be made to the code to take in Infra Red values.

With the team working on making the software cross platform between windows and mac, other changes have to be made to the code. For the image stitching, the software currently uses Microsoft ICE to stitch the images together. But this software isn't available to Mac users. Therefore, the team is finding an alternative software to use for mac such as Hugin or ImageJ. On the image analyzation side, the team is working on converting one part of the code that is written in C++ to Java. This is so the code is easier to compile and on both mac and windows computers.