Spring 2016

Eric Sosa – Project Manager

Eric Sosa is a fifth year student pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering and a minor in writing. Sosa is the current project manager of the Engineering Service Learning team, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, for the 2015-2016 school year. He chose the UAV team because it gave him an opportunity to learn more about drones and their applications while being able to perfect his soft skills. Sosa hopes to work for the automotive industry after graduation and work towards his goal of providing for his family. Sosa is the current SHPE Jr. Chapter Director for Ingenieros Unidos and enjoys advocating the importance and impact of STEM academics to underprivileged high school students. 

Julio Perez - Assistant Project Manager/ Webmaster

Julio Perez is a third year Mechanical Engineering undergraduate with a minor in Business Management. Julio took the role of assistant project manager this semester and will be the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Team Project manager next semester. He decided to take Engineering Service Learning as his fifth class because he believes it’s time to stat applying the knowledge he’s been acquiring these last three years into a real world project. He is excited about the position he took on because it applies to the major and minor he is perusing. Perez hopes to get his masters in the engineering field after his undergraduate studies to fulfill his mother’s and his own dream.


Hayden Perez – Platform Subteam Leader & Pilot

Hayden Perez is a first-year Mechanical Engineering major.  He is the platform leader in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Team and also the pilot for the drone and is responsible for going to the field missions and collecting data.  He chose the UAV team as it gave him the opportunity to use his love of drones in a way that would benefit the community the group serves.  He is currently training to pilot the drone at MESA Labs, mastering manual flying and the proper use of Mission Planner.  On his own time, Hayden likes to play soccer, play FIFA with friends, and to go to the gym. 


Marvis Machniak – Imaging Subteam Leader

Marvis Machniak is a second year Computer Science and Engineering major. He is the leader of the imaging team in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle team, an Engineering Service Learning team. His interests include various computer science fields, such as security, networks, and autonomy, which match well with the project. He enjoys running small projects of his own, ranging from managing game servers to writing apps and utilities for Windows Phone, using these as a gateway to learning about computer networking and security. He also provides computer support to family and friends and mentors his former high school’s robotics team. 

Kevin Espinoza - Communications Officer

 Kevin Espinoza is a first-year Computer Science and Engineering major. He is a member of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Team and is responsible for relaying messages between the team and associates as the Communications Officer. He enjoys contributing to his community through volunteer work and public service. He has previously volunteered as a project coordinator and a librarian assistant at a public library. Being able to tackle projects with a team and face obstacles cooperatively serves a challenge, but is also motivation to endure and overcome. 

Luis Mena - Procurement and Finance Officer

Luis Mena is a third year Mechanical Engineering student raised in the Central Valley. He is the Procurement and Finance Officer and part of the Image Processing sub team for the UAV Engineering Service Learning team. He chose the UAV team because it gave him an opportunity to work on problems affecting local communities through the use of autonomous technology. Before his time in Merced, Luis worked summers as a field technician at Research for Hire, an agriculture research company in the San Joaquin Valley. Luis hopes to bring the use of technology to his hometown and begin an afterschool tech. program, where students are encouraged to code, design and build various gadgets of their own. On his own time Luis enjoys gaming, swimming, and binge watching shows on Netflix.


Arnold Santiago - Intellectual Property Officer

Arnold Santiago is a fourth year student pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Santiago is the intellectual property officer of the Engineering Service Learning Team Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). He was interested in the team because it gave him a good way to introduce himself to aerial advancements. Santiago has a strong interest in anything hands on, specifically the maintenance of equipment and taking apart and putting things back together. He was also involved with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers on campus. Santiago enjoys running long distances across the city of Merced alongside his Husky.    








Timothy Robinson – Team Member

Timothy Robinson is a second year student who hopes to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering. He is a member of the UAV Engineering Service Learning team. Robinson is interested in the use of robotics and in UAV technology and its applications to other industries. By being a member of a team dedicated to these technologies Robinson hopes to gain experience and knowledge to use after graduation. Robinson enjoys watching boring movies where nothing happens and video games.