Imaging Subteam Spring 2015

Imaging Subteam

Team Overview

 The imaging sub-team is responsible for handling the “behind the scenes” work; meaning that once the platform completes their main objective of ensuring the UAV is operational and capable of taking photographs of the vineyards, the imaging sub-team will be able to begin on their task. After the images are gathered they must be stitched together in order to create a layout of the vineyard.  

Currently Microsoft ICE is being used to stitch the images together as it is an open source program and relatively easy to use. Once ICE has assembled one large picture, the crop analyzing code will process through this image and highlight the pixels that show problems in the grapes, or leaf scorching. Currently, the process of isolating the crop fields via the program is done manually. This manual process involves moving several sliders until the crop fields are highlighted on the image. Using the manual system the imaging sub-team is able to determine the correct hue saturation values that are applied to the large image created on Microsoft ICE.

Thus, a highlighted area is created on the vineyard layout showing the problem areas (See example below).  The example below was created from around 700 test images (found by the previous semester) and ran through the crop analyzing program in order for the sub-team to show an example of how the final printout would appear.

Team Contact Information

Austin Stratton -

Kelvin Cheung -

Savannah De Jesus -

Eric Sosa -

Ulises Vargas -

Kyle Kirk -

Tomas Monroy -

Mentors and Advisors

Christopher Butler - - Director of Engineeting Service Learning

Larry Burrow - - Community Partner, Merced County Cooperative Extension

Dr. Yang Quan Chen - - Factulty Advisor