Spring 2014

The software team with advising professor Dr. YangQuan Chen

Missing: Cody Crossley


Software Sub-team Members

Sub-team Leader: Cody Crossley

Andreas Anderson

Shawn Cato

Thomas Thayer

Samuel Valdovinos













The software sub-team is currently in the process of researching image analysis techniques and computer programs that can help us achieve the goal of de-skewing and stitching together multiple images to create a large photographic map of orchard canopies or crop fields. This map will then be analysed to find overall crop coverage and give a yield estimate for the farmer to gauge his yearly output. We are interested in programs that meet the folowing critera:

  • Open source
  • Automatable (using scrips/console input)
  • Easy to use
  • Includes deskewing algorithms
  • Ability to stitch images together
  • Accept multiple types of images (including RGB and near-infared)