April 24, 2018
At the 2018 Bobcat Day, the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Team presented to high schoolers and parents about what Engineering Service Learning is and how they support community members.. The UAV team highlighted responsiblities of leadership roles such as project manager and team leaders. In...
April 17, 2018
The Unmaned Aerial Vehicle team is testing out the drone and getting it ready for this year's Bobcat Day     
April 4, 2018
We prepared and tested the drone's flight time which was over 15 minutes. In addition, we took notes on the controls to activate certain modes in the drone such as stablize mode which makes the drone stay in place at a point during flight. Enjoy the flight:
March 20, 2018
Platform team leader Marco Mendez and members Spencer Rude and Luis Murillo analyzing how the camera mount would fit on the drone. They believe the drone will be able to hold the camera mount with the cameras.     
March 20, 2018
Imaging team leader, Chris Villanueva and member Abel Alamillo are analyzing the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) program. They are determining the path file for the images to read from.   
March 13, 2018
The 2018 UAV team reviewed all documentation errors within the preliminary design review presentation and poster. The team reviewed all critiques made by the community partner and supervisors. The team aknowledges the mistakes made and looks forward to not making the same mistakes in the...
March 7, 2018
The 2018 platform team is learning how to use mission planner which is a free flight software which allows a user to fly a dronw over a designated area autonomously. In addition, two of the platform team members are studying to obtain a Part 107 pilot's license. The Part 107 pilot...
March 6, 2018
The imaging team is creating an open source software which computes the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI). The software is programmed using Java. The NDVI software uses the OpenCV library, which is used for image processing. However, the program is not executing the NDVI...
March 1, 2018
The UAV team met with 5 drone services providers and they gave us insight as to how there systems performed. They showed the team more than one NDVI code produced for one disease as well as how they have other codes to test for completely different ones...
February 28, 2018
The UAV team presented in front of their community partner, David Doll, about the team's progress. Please enjoy the prelimnary design review presentation.